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  1. What is a Crypto Telegram Group?
  2. Crypto trading signals can be found on Telegram in crypto groups. What is a crypto Telegram group anyway? Let us explain it to you briefly.
  3. A crypto group on Telegram is a gathering of top crypto traders who share their experience and help other traders for a commission. As a rule, these crypto traders have good experience in stock exchange or Forex trading. Quite often, several traders unite to found a Telegram signal channel and provide a better service to their subscribers.
  4. However, there are scam crypto Telegram groups, the founders of which pretend to be professional experts. For this reason, we recommend that you use the Safetrading platform. With us, you will be able to stay away from the scams and grow your portfolio with verified crypto signal providers. In the future, we plan to hold interviews with the founders of Telegram crypto channels. This will allow us to evaluate the level of experience and skills of the channel founders. We plan to share real data about the crypto trading groups channels founders as well.
  5. How does one join crypto groups on Telegram? Telegram is a mobile messenger, so you need to install the app on your mobile device. Next, you need to find the group you are interested in by typing its name in the search field. Finally, you need to pay the subscription fee (if any) to join the channel. As a rule, all of the needed instructions should be in a pinned post in a group.
  6. 2.7. 7 Selection Criteria of the Best Crypto Telegram Groups
  7. While searching for a reliable crypto signal provider, make sure to size up each candidate based on the following seven criteria:
  8. Analysis of the statistics of the provider’s cryptocurrency signals. Research all the signals you can find from a given provider. Review the full statistics of the given Telegram channel. If a channel gives very little information, stay away from it.
  9. Pricing of the channel. Overpriced and underpriced crypto Telegram groups should sound an alarm. Channels that offer only lifetime subscription should give rise to doubt as well. While an experienced and skilled provider isn’t likely to offer their services at a bargain price, they also aren’t likely to be afraid to offer their new clients a trial period.
  10. Level of the provider’s communication. Make sure it is easy to contact the provider, the group administration, and the rest of the people who have joined the group. If a provider is hard to reach, unfriendly, unclear, or has poor English, you are better off looking for a better one.
  11. Availability of an open chat or a website. Look for more contact points than a Telegram group. If a provider has a website, a Facebook page, or any other contact point outside of Telegram, it means that they are most likely not afraid of what their subscribers have to say.
  12. Signals and predictions from times of major market fluctuation. One of the easiest ways to expose the fraud is to analyze their signals and predictions given in the periods of market uncertainty. Most of the experienced, reliable traders refrain from giving any crypto calls and advice when the market is uncertain.
  13. Actual results of the channel, confirmed by real traders. One of the best ways to analyze the provider’s services is to ask other traders what results they got from this provider. Visiting top relevant crypto events and networking will help you cope with this task easily.
  14. 3. Altcoin Signals
  15. 3.1 How to Use Altcoin Signals and Diversify Your Risks
  16. Trading is not an easy science and may take much time and effort for a newbie to reach a desirable growth of assets. This is a financial market where knowledge comes along with experience. Learning all the terms from Exponential Moving Average (EMA) or Moving Average to Relative Strength Index (RSI), up to trading based on a neural network on your own can cause a newbie to become lost in tons of details. Lots of online resources provide information about crypto trading and there is a chance that it could be incorrect or misleading. Therefore, subscribing to one of the signal providers on Telegram is a good option to gain knowledge in this area and learn from their education pack.
  17. Always diversify your investments. The mentioned Telegram crypto groups share plenty of signals that are worth your attention, so you should limit your spending to 1/10 of your available funds for each trade. Invest your BTC in the right way by splitting the balance between several coins. Do not forget to set stop-loss 5% below your entry point when the market is unstable and after the price increase. When you reach your first target, sell between 30% and 50% of your assets and set stop-loss up to 10% below the entry point.
  18. Be conservative when setting sell targets. The majority of traders follow the rule 50%/30%/20% when dividing a balance between the targets. This technique helps traders to stay safe and not end up back at the bottom of the ladder. However, this is a conservative way to trade. From time to time, some of the channels may provide signals based on special information, so it is suggested that you not be too conservative, as these signals may generate significant profits in the future.
  19. Be ready for dumps. They are not regular, but they sometimes happen. Since you invest in altcoins against BTC, the winning situation is when BTC moves sideways. Bitcoin drops, and altcoins drop as well. Be ready for these instances in the future and keep at least 30% of your total funds in BTC. This will help you to hedge out and keep your head above water. It is quite difficult to predict the behavior of Bitcoin in the market, so signal channels may not foresee the next drop. When it happens, be sure that the mentioned Telegram crypto groups give you good advice on what coins to invest in during that particular situation.
  20. Use a stop-loss intelligently. Stop-loss is a point of hot debate among traders, and, unfortunately, there is no right answer as to whether you should use it or not. Traders can make big money trading crypto without using any margin or leverage considering the volatile nature of crypto. In the worst case scenario, all your orders hit stop-loss, which decreases your equity in each subsequent trade and removes the possibility to recover in the end. Of course, stop-loss burns crypto assets, and at the same time, locks your capital. By taking some stop-losses, you will be able to recover with other trade signals. However, this is not a magic pill, so the best solution is to analyze the environment and adjust accordingly. Be ready to adapt your trading strategy according to the current market situation. If you limit your equity per trade to a maximum of 5%, it will help you save your funds when the price drops. In a bear market, it is better to spend assets on crypto coins that have strong positions. You can learn about this not only from Telegram signal groups, but also from social media and trusted ratings. If you see that things are likely getting better due to the news, you have a chance to recover your assets and may trade without stop-loss. When you have some weak coins among your assets during a bull market, stop-loss can be used to unlock the capital and invest it in more profitable coins. In this case, you should use the given chance to grow your funds.
  21. Think twice about where to use automated trading solutions. Everyone wants to earn money easily. Impressive innovations in machine learning provide an opportunity to automate crypto trading with the help of bots. It doesn’t matter how far technology develops - it is quite risky to allow bots to be in charge of your funds. Using an automated bot is a good solution when it is accompanied by the human mind to analyze and confirm the validity of each signal. Bots can’t analyze signals correctly and think ahead of the situation, so you could experience nonrecoverable losses if you enable bots buying and selling crypto coins on their own. Currently, a chatbot may be a good cryptocurrency signal finder, but not a good decision-maker.


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